Balzi Rossi – strolling around the island it is not

Balzi Rossi – strolling around the island it is not

I’ve been to this island (that is not an island) three times, only three times, despite the fact it is only forty km away from my home.
Three times in three different seasons, but always accompanied by the sunshine and a blue sky.
Today, we are (you and I) on a stretch of coast just a stone throw away from the French border, a piece of land that seems far, exotic, fantastic, but in the truth it is situated right here, in Liguria.

I start walking from Balzi Rossi. I fear no contradiction in stating that from here one’s sight is utterly enchanted at an angle of three hundred and sixty degrees, feeling a little confused weather to focus on the tropical illusion of the “eggs” beach, the stained cliffs that date back to prehistory times, a blue and compact sky or the path of stones where (if you listen to my suggestion) it is always better to keep an eye on where you are putting your feet, to avoid lousy tumbles.

Along the road I encounter all kinds of people: French tourists with their appointed doggy, trekkers geared with backpack and sticks, beach bums swimming and happy amblers as myself.

At times the path becomes impervious (I say so to create an exotic adventure effect) and the most “dangerous” parts have been supplied by ropes and chains to aid the intrepid excursionist.

Around the corner (editor’s note: the promontory), I enter another bay and to my surprise, it will always surprise me, even if I had to return a thousand times, the sea has suddenly changed to green.
We are now at the beach so called “the little houses beach” because of the wooden buildings (more or less regular, more or less official) that the indigenous (not the ancient tribes, just the locals) have constructed during the recent years. I take a walk, a man is sanding down his boat, he reminds me of Daniel-san, wax on, wax off, a couple, wearing just a t-shirt (it’s only March), silence is the master, here peace is not just an abstract concept.

I go back along the same road that seems a different one because of the sun’s position. The watercolor shades of the hills border on the horizon are interrupted by explosion of wild green that hangs to an uneasy, jagged rock, that is broken, crossed, it goes up and then down again to dive into the sea it’s in love with but to who it will never surrender.

I love Liguria, come and explore it and you too will fall in love…I’m not jealous !

Balzi Rossi- Balzi Rossi – strolling around the island it is not 

dai balzi rossi alle casette (Ventimiglia) – IM

writing and photography by paola faravelli
translated and adapted by daniela menzano

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