Old Town Bussana – un art de vivre

Old Town Bussana – un art de vivre

Do you remember the movie Victor Victoria?
The one in which, for show needs, a woman pretends to be a man who pretends to be a woman.
This is how Old Town Bussana looked to me, a nice village that pretends to be in ruins that pretend to be a nice village.
The art of transformation: nothing is what it seems, but in the end it all remains the way it is.

But Bussana’s history in not at all easy; the village that to my eyes looks simply beautiful, actually does not exist since it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1887 and forgotten until, at the end of the fifties, it was literally occupied by artists from all over the world. It probably felt like an oasis of truth, back in those days when the cold laws of consumerism were prevailing on old life stiles tied to land and nature’s circle.

It’s strange how, thanks to the work of the artist, generally considered unaccustomed to physical work, the village reflowered. Slowly the roads came back , the houses, life, and in some way, maybe, the realignment to the culture that the artists themselves, were running from. Even if I like to imagine this as the real version gentle, light, with no hurry, of human representation, the timeless version, even because, time here does not exist!

Despite being all made with stones, colours prevail in Bussana, be it “il cielo in una stanza” (“the sky in a room”, a famous song by Mina), marvels in the shops, flowers scattered everywhere, little matters, what does matter is to let go, to forget preconceptions and impositions, the only rule is: there are no rules!

And I suggest that you practice the sport of walking with your nose in the air as it seems that, sometimes, it changes points of view and allows horizons to widen.

I can’t deny Bussana’s strong commercial soul, every corner seems to be dotted by ateliers of art (and/or junk) and little restaurants, but the blend so harmoniously with the deconsecrated churches and the houses with no ceiling, that the contradiction is immediately forgiven.

I leave the town, not without seriously considering moving here (but I’ll tell you about it another time). The sensation of living happily with standard equipment: a roof over my head (yes because I’ve never been inspired by camping), a functional bathroom (for the same reason as for the roof) and people interested in sharing their thoughts has been too good.

I discovered they call it art de vivre, that is the capacity of recognising the real needs to satisfy. You can find it here at old town Bussana, I like the idea, do you ?

Bussana Vecchia – un art de vivre
Bussana Vecchia (IM) – Liguria

writing and photography by paola faravelli
translated and adapted by daniela menzano

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  1. I know this village since 1982 and have many friend’s there , I love the village, the poeple and the kid’s thad are verry open mindet and inteligent !
    Albertus van Wijk

    • I love it too! It’s very special, thanks for commenting. Paola Faravelli

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